Announcing Our New Website!


If you have not yet explored the new Mike Rance Team website, seen the beautiful new layout, stumbled through pages and pages of the latest and best MLS imported listings, seen our specially-tailored Featured Searches, or gotten started on the hunt for your Central Florida dream home, you are missing out!

The CentralFlorida-Homes website from the Mike Rance Team at Re/MAX 200 Realty of Winter Park is the same ol’ website you know, but with a stellar new layout that is clean and easy to navigate, and some added features that will surely make your home search fast, easy, and informed!

Here is a quick mini-tutorial to highlight some of the new features and navigation of the site to get you acquainted with the experience!

website front page1. THE HOME PAGE. The home page has a new clean and easy layout, featuring scrolling Central Florida images and a quick search bar. Click the “Home” button at any time to return back to this page of the site, or use any of the selections in the navigation bar to get more information fast.

website resources2. DROP DOWN BARS. From the nav bar, many of the selections have drop down lists that appear when you hover your mouse over the text. You can quick link to any of these specific pages – the ones shown here are some great resources for the prospective home buyer! – or click the main text for a general overview.

website drop down search3. THE QUICK SEARCH BAR. With the quick search bar, you can either type your desired search Area, Zip, or Address, OR click inside and this helpful little menu will appear, allowing you to further refine your criteria to the results you most want to see! Click the “More Options” button in the bottom left corner to allow even more criteria to be entered, or use the “Advanced Search” drop down option in the “Property Search” section of the nav bar to open the search form on its own page.

website scroll bar4. THE SCROLLING INFO TAB. So by now you must have noticed that big blue bar at the bottom of the page with the big white arrow, right? That is our scrolling information tab. Just hover over it and bam! You get everything you need including contact phone numbers, the Re/MAX 200 address, and links to all of my social media pages (Follow me!). The scroll tab is actually accessible from every page of our website, giving you the quickest way to reach the Mike Rance Team!

website community info5. COMMUNITY INFORMATION. If you scroll down on the home page, you will see a quick access menu of communities arranged by county – how neat! With original content from Re/MAX 200 and the Mike Rance Team, each page tells you important information such as neighborhoods, public transportation and services, schools, unique features, and more! The “Communities” tab on the nav bar will link you to the full list.

website about mike6. ABOUT MIKE RANCE. A mini-bio, information about Re/MAX 200 Realty, and a list of testimonials from satisfied clients can all be found under the “About” tab in the nav bar. Familiarizing yourself with your realtor and brokerage makes for a more confident home buyer.

website featured searches7. FEATURED SEARCHES. Another awesome drop down from the “Property Search” tab in the nav bar is this Featured Searches page. The Featured Searches page is a great place to start your house hunt, with pre-tailored searches based on popular criteria such as specific cities, new construction, waterfront homes, equestrian properties, and more. Select one of these broad parameters to narrow down your search from the start!

There are many more features on the new site for your utmost convenience. Just a little playing around and you can find some great resources such as a Mike Rance Team-approved list of home, septic, and pest inspectors, a special page where you can see just my listings, helpful articles for both buyers and sellers, the latest of Orlando’s housing market reports, and a link directly to the Mike Rance Team blog!

Don’t hesitate, check out the new amazing website today!


Clermont Chain of Lakes: The Basics

know your lakes clermont.JPG

The Clermont Chain of Lakes is an extensive vertical stretch of 11 Florida lakes revered for prime fishing, boating, and waterfront fun. Shoreline that is not populated with lakefront homeowners is largely Floridian wetland full of beautiful local wildlife.

Over 9000 acres of lakes are all interconnected by way of the Palatlakaha River, and shorelines are rich with cypress trees giving a large percentage of the water a tannic quality.

Clermont chainThe river is perfect for kayaking while the larger lakes in the Clermont Chain are commonly used for wakeboarding, waterskiing, and other watersports. The Clermont Chain is has been referred to as the “wake boarding capital of the world” by Wakeboarding Mag and Orlando Watersports.

Supporting a healthy population of bass and crappie among the masses of water flora and fallen trees, the Clermont Chain of Lakes is also famous statewide for sport fishing and hosts a multitude of tournaments year round for the most skillful participants.

The lakes host two marinas, one by Lake Minnehaha and one by Lake Susan, which offer features such as boat gas stations and convenient rentals. However, many other boat ramps dot the lakes with easy water access for boat owners.

The two lakes here differentiated in purple, Lake Emma and Lake Lucy, are sometimes considered part of the Clermont Chain of Lakes, but are actually located in Groveland.

As of September 23, 2015, there are 25 Active listings for lakefront residential properties on the Clermont Chain of Lakes.

Active – 25 Listings
List Price $119,900 – $1.5mil
1,296 – 7,716 Square Feet
2 bed 2 bath – 5 bed 6 bath
10 properties with private pools

Pending – 7 Listings
List Price $144,750 – $749,900
1,178 – 3,512 Square Feet
2 bed 2 bath – 4 bed 3 bath

Sold (6 mo.) – 18 Listings
List Price $279,000 – $1.75mil
Sold Price $260,000 – $1.4mil
3 bed 2 bath – 7 bed 5 bath / 6 bed 6 bath
11 properties with private pools

Contact the Mike Rance Team today and make the Clermont Chain of Lakes your lakefront reality!

Warm Wishes on Yom Kippur

The Mike Rance Team wishes you an Easy Fast and a Great Feast this Yom Kippur…

Yom kippur 3.JPG

…and a Happy Jewish New Year!

3 Tips for Buying Lakefront!

Lakefront all.pngA lakefront purchase sounds like a great idea… and it is! But as a home buyer and potential homeowner, lakefront properties come with extra considerations, and any prospective buyer should be familiar. Use these helpful tips to make the most out of your lakefront purchase and enjoy the amazing perks that come with a lakefront home.

1. THINK about the LAKE more than the HOUSE. You can buy a house anywhere, right? Buying a lakefront house is a special purchase because of that very reason: it is on a lake! When considering buying lakefront property, think about the factors that make your lakefront buy worthwhile – is the lake easily accessible, or is it difficult or requires a sizable walk to reach the shore or docking area? How is the view of the lake from the house’s main features and rooms, or the property overall? Where will the sun be in morning and evening? What is the water actually like – clear and pristine, or cloudy and difficult to traverse or maneuver a boat in and out? How deep is the water? What is my level of privacy, including public lake-goers, boats, and neighbors? Is my dock or shoreline a personal or community area? Are the activities I enjoy supported by the lakefront lifestyle? Determining what about the lakefront purchase is most important to you can help you make an important decision going forward. As is often said for lakefront properties, the value is in the land – or the lake!

2. What does BUYING on a LAKE mean for the HOUSE? There are plenty of pros to living on a lake, but those pros may come with baggage, such as higher list prices, insurance considerations, and agency regulations. Let’s take these one at a time.

  • List Prices: Everyone knows that buying lakefront property means a more expensive purchase price. Aside from the land being naturally valuable, lakefront property is also a scarce resource, leaving few choices for many interested buyers which causes list price to rise even more. Although worthwhile, this kind of pricey residential venture might take more planning for loans and mortgages, so it is best to apply early. This goes for other expenses too – always consider the potential increase in taxes and other bills when upgrading!
  • Insurance: Lakefront properties may take more of a beating from the elements than a regular home, and as such need to be readily protected. Florida lakefront homeowners are responsible for a few different insurance policies than a normal homeowner – typically a wind policy, flood policy, and general hazard policy, which may need to come from separate providers. As stated before, an early move on these applications will save a homeowner from trouble and help to ensure a safe lakefront household for years to come.
  • Regulations: When considering a specific lakefront property, always find out from any governing agency what can and cannot be done with the property or on the lake itself. A home buyer should take preventative measures before he or she purchases, for instance, a lakefront property intending boat use, but is not allowed to build a personal dock, or the lake does not allow watercraft or fishing. A homeowner’s association will also make apparent what is required for upkeep and maintenance of the house and the lake – useful information for a prospective buyer and future homeowner.

3. CONSIDER the lakefront COMMUNITY. Get out there and get the inside scoop. Talking to neighbors is a great way to find out valuable information on the lakefront community you are interested in as well as the property – what are the best qualities of the community? What are the worst qualities (if any)? What are the people like? If your lakefront purchase is a year-round primary residence, the answers to these crucial questions can really make the difference between a happy move and a not-so-happy one. Your realtor is another great source for insightful knowledge about the Central Florida area you are considering.

lakefront 1.jpg

Overall, remember that a lakefront property is a limited and beautiful resource. Buying a lakefront home is a great way to marry a passion for the outdoors with your home or family life, and as a lakefront homeowner, YOU are responsible for a little part of the Florida environment. Your awareness of pollution, weed control, and the effects of alterations on native wildlife will protect native habitats and species, prevent erosion, and increase the aesthetic beauty of your lakefront home. For the best results in buying a lakefront property, a great realtor familiar with the area can make a huge difference, and the Mike Rance Team is ready to help!