Announcing Our New Website!


If you have not yet explored the new Mike Rance Team website, seen the beautiful new layout, stumbled through pages and pages of the latest and best MLS imported listings, seen our specially-tailored Featured Searches, or gotten started on the hunt for your Central Florida dream home, you are missing out!

The CentralFlorida-Homes website from the Mike Rance Team at Re/MAX 200 Realty of Winter Park is the same ol’ website you know, but with a stellar new layout that is clean and easy to navigate, and some added features that will surely make your home search fast, easy, and informed!

Here is a quick mini-tutorial to highlight some of the new features and navigation of the site to get you acquainted with the experience!

website front page1. THE HOME PAGE. The home page has a new clean and easy layout, featuring scrolling Central Florida images and a quick search bar. Click the “Home” button at any time to return back to this page of the site, or use any of the selections in the navigation bar to get more information fast.

website resources2. DROP DOWN BARS. From the nav bar, many of the selections have drop down lists that appear when you hover your mouse over the text. You can quick link to any of these specific pages – the ones shown here are some great resources for the prospective home buyer! – or click the main text for a general overview.

website drop down search3. THE QUICK SEARCH BAR. With the quick search bar, you can either type your desired search Area, Zip, or Address, OR click inside and this helpful little menu will appear, allowing you to further refine your criteria to the results you most want to see! Click the “More Options” button in the bottom left corner to allow even more criteria to be entered, or use the “Advanced Search” drop down option in the “Property Search” section of the nav bar to open the search form on its own page.

website scroll bar4. THE SCROLLING INFO TAB. So by now you must have noticed that big blue bar at the bottom of the page with the big white arrow, right? That is our scrolling information tab. Just hover over it and bam! You get everything you need including contact phone numbers, the Re/MAX 200 address, and links to all of my social media pages (Follow me!). The scroll tab is actually accessible from every page of our website, giving you the quickest way to reach the Mike Rance Team!

website community info5. COMMUNITY INFORMATION. If you scroll down on the home page, you will see a quick access menu of communities arranged by county – how neat! With original content from Re/MAX 200 and the Mike Rance Team, each page tells you important information such as neighborhoods, public transportation and services, schools, unique features, and more! The “Communities” tab on the nav bar will link you to the full list.

website about mike6. ABOUT MIKE RANCE. A mini-bio, information about Re/MAX 200 Realty, and a list of testimonials from satisfied clients can all be found under the “About” tab in the nav bar. Familiarizing yourself with your realtor and brokerage makes for a more confident home buyer.

website featured searches7. FEATURED SEARCHES. Another awesome drop down from the “Property Search” tab in the nav bar is this Featured Searches page. The Featured Searches page is a great place to start your house hunt, with pre-tailored searches based on popular criteria such as specific cities, new construction, waterfront homes, equestrian properties, and more. Select one of these broad parameters to narrow down your search from the start!

There are many more features on the new site for your utmost convenience. Just a little playing around and you can find some great resources such as a Mike Rance Team-approved list of home, septic, and pest inspectors, a special page where you can see just my listings, helpful articles for both buyers and sellers, the latest of Orlando’s housing market reports, and a link directly to the Mike Rance Team blog!

Don’t hesitate, check out the new amazing website today!


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