Waterfront Living in Lake County

Harris Chain of Lakes is comprised of nine lakes that span between Orange and Lake County, covering approximately 76,000 acres. Many who frequent this area love fishing and almost every weekend you will come across a fishing tournament. Largemouth bass over ten pounds are known to inhabit these lakes, feeding off of nutrient rich wildlife such as blue gills and golden shiners. Apart from being a fisherman’s paradise, locals and visitors look forward to the great entertainment that happens nearby. Below you’ll discover five of the lakes that are most popular in the chain of lakes:

Lake Harris and Little Lake Harris

Lake Harris has a surface area of 15,321 acres and Little Lake Harris spans 3,718 acres. Along these lakes are beautiful lakefront homes with boat docks.

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Located nearby is the Venetian Gardens that offers walkways and bridges for a delightfully relaxing, scenic stroll, that visitors state last approximately 60 minutes. They also offer a beautiful kayaking tour.

Lake Eustis

Lake Eustis has a surface area of 3,718 acres. It is known to have a majority of its shoreline occupied with private waterfront homes as the City of Eustis is known as the waterfront city. Art lovers visiting this area of Lake County are in for a treat as The Lake Eustis Museum of Art can be found nearby with activities ranging from the Literary Guild to Create & Critique, a weekly event for adult water-medium painters.

Lake Griffin

Lake Griffin has a surface area of 9,428 acres. In 2015, Lake Griffin was known to be the lake where the best bass were found out of all the lakes in the chain of lakes. It is locally known, that the bass in this lake were actually relocated from ponds near Orlando International Airport in an effort to prevent water birds from interfering with aircraft traffic routes. The bass relocated to Lake Griffin weighed up to fourteen pounds, great for sports fishing. Lake Griffin is also home to the Lake Griffin State Park that offers forty campsites, picnicking areas, canoeing & kayaking, nature trails and boat tours.

Lake Dora

Lake Dora has a surface area of 4,502 acres. It is known to be home to the most expensive properties in Lake County, Florida. Antique boat lovers are known to frequent this area annually for the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival, where historic, antique, and classic glass and new traditional boats are showcased.

The IceHouse Theater of Mount Dora is located nearby offering weekly performance art plays, as well as kids and teen performance art workshops.

All five lakes have a total surface area of 36,687 acres. If you would like to get a preview of the area and properties nearby, contact Mike Rance, a realtor at RE/MAX 200 Realty.

To find properties in this area, please visit Central Florida Homes.

Mike Rance
RE/MAX 200 Realty
E: MikeRanceRealtorCFL@gmail.com
P: 407-571-3640

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