Construction Update: I-4 Ultimate Project Improvements – Westbound And Eastbound Orlando Commute

The 21-miles highway expansion in Orlando between I-4 and 408 is underway with its share of ups and downs between citizens and government. For instance, earth friendly citizens were highly disturbed with all the trees that were being or will be cut down for the expansion. The highway construction committee decided to provide relief to this group of citizens by planning to plant 40,000 trees to bring back up the tree population around the construction areas. Not just that, the commute has been an issue for those using the highways of 408 and I-4 as lanes and ramps closed causing traffic to shift increasing the likelihood of traffic jams. The I-4 Improvement Committee decided to remedy these traffic flow setbacks, by putting together email & text alert communications that inform travelers on newly closed roads and traffic shifts due to construction, so drivers can plan ahead. Visit to sign up for these alerts in real time.

Some of the goals of this construction project are to enhance driver’s experience by easing traffic congestion and maximizing accessibility between communities, therefore, promoting more community engagement.

The redesign plans for the improvement project extend from Altamonte Springs to International Drive/Sand Lake area, which is approximately 21 miles in construction improvements. westbound I-4 improvements include a new ramp that will be built from the westbound I-4 general use lane to eastbound or westbound 408 and will begin before Anderson Street exit. There will be a direct connect exit ramp from westbound express lanes to eastbound or westbound 408 and more. If you head eastbound on I-4 on the regular expect the following changes such as a new two-lane ramp, from eastbound I-4 general use lanes to eastbound or westbound 408 and more.

A fact that should be spotlighted more is that 74 bridges will be replaced in this construction process and the use of recycled material like existing concrete and limerock will be used to build these bridges.

On June 21, 2017, there was a project management and communications meeting. Released were the upcoming schedule of road closures. The road closures taking place in July are as follows: Dade Avenue/Bay Run will be closed for drainage from June 26th through July 10th, from July 5th through July 12th, the westbound I-4 ramp from Orange Blossom Trail will be closed nightly, on July 5th, there will be a permanent road closure of Concord Street at Garland Avenue and from July 9th to 10th, there will be a nightly road closure eastbound 408 to westbound I-4 at night.

The next I-4 Ultimate Public Information meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 19, 2017.

If you’d like to give your “two cents” on this project from a citizens perspective or are just interested in finding out the latest updates asap, feel free to attend the next public meeting and be a part of just one of many major changes taking place in Orlando.

Mike Rance
RE/MAX 200 Realty in Winter Park, Florida
P: 407-629-6330 ext.255

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