Upgrades to increase your home’s staycation game

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It’s no secret that Covid-19 has left people across the country and in Florida spending more time at home than ever before. Top agents from across the US revealed that 76% of homeowners are outfitting their new abodes to be a more enjoyable retreat in HomeLight’s Q3 Survey. The report revealed that homeowners are overwhelmingly looking to make their properties more comfortable for relaxation, getting that vacation vibe without the jet lag. Here are some ideas to help you get creative with upgrades that will up your home’s staycation game. 


Home gym

As public spaces became off-limits, many people who were used to hitting the gym every day, had to find alternative ways to get their workout in. As outdoor sports and zoom workouts became the norm, more and more people were finding it necessary to create a dedicated home gym space. And that trend is here to stay for now. You can go all out with a full workout room, or buy free weights and a yoga mat that you can tuck into a corner or cabinet. The survey found that building out a full-on home gym, averaging $11,215, also has a 51% ROI when you sell your home by recouping an average $5,681. How extreme you want to go depends on your space — an extra bedroom, area of a garage, or even a covered back patio can all be options if you want to make this upgrade. 


Spa luxury

One of the key elements of a staycation for many people is relaxation mode. For some, that might mean a spa day or lounging by a pool. If you are looking for the ultimate upgrade, like a home sauna, the survey found that it could payoff in the end, for more than your relaxation, with a 42% return on investment. Meanwhile, an inground pool could get you a 51% return. An upgrade that can add luxury without breaking the bank is giving your bathroom a DIY facelift. Start by picking a calming neutral color palette, repainting walls and removing worn rugs, and towels. Fixtures can be the next area to tackle by upgrading faucets and towel holders with contemporary designs so that everything matches. Adding lighting and greenery can also take the bathroom up a level, replacing bulbs for brighter ones, and taking plants into your space, even artificial greenery if the room doesn’t receive much natural light. Upgrade all linens so they are coordinated and replace your shower curtain if you have one. 


Home dining 

2020 could be considered the year of the home chef, as more people are taking fine dining into their kitchens, with access to restaurants restricted. If a full kitchen remodel is at the top of your list, more power to you, but you can also make some simple changes to make the kitchen more enjoyable and user-friendly. Bakers might consider adding a dedicated rolling cart for their supplies, or shelves to store flours and other ingredients. If you are dreaming of a brand new kitchen, but aren’t quite ready for the full remodel, you can consider affordable kitchen upgrades, like adding a double sink, replacing countertops, or repainting cabinets. Upgrading your dining table and chairs (or recovering the chairs that you have), can be another way to get that restaurant experience at home. 


If your vacation plans have been put on hold, making some upgrades to take your home up a notch may be a way to create the relaxation that you need, without going anywhere.