Have the best Black Friday Yet


It is that time of year again when everyone is out shopping for all of his or her Christmas gifts for the best deals. It is fun but can be overwhelming especially if the store you’re heading to runs out of what you need. However, there are ways to avoid the frustration of Black Friday. You need a strategy, follow these tips and strategies for your most successful Black Friday yet!


Start early before Thanksgiving go to the stores that you know you are going to want to go to on Black Friday and check the deals. Some retailers have their best deals on Thanksgiving. Check ads, it is easy to skip over stores that you do not usually shop at but one of those stores might have a better deal. Some deals may only last until a certain time pay attention to that.


Set a budget and do not go over it. This will help with impulse buys. At the time an impulse buy may not seem to make a difference especially if it is a good price but if you make one or two impulse buys in the 5 stores you go in, that’ll add up. Stay safe carry a small purse that closes all the way that remains in front of you at all times. Cash is a great way to stay on a budget but is more likely to be stolen or lost, a debit card is ok but fraud protection is weaker, credit cards are better with fraud protection but allow you to overspend. It sounds like I just told you every method of payment has a downfall and it does, but to remain on the budget keep a checklist, prepare ahead and do the math. Add up every receipt make sure you’re not going over your budget.

3.) Do your Research

Several sites will begin posting the Black Friday ads when they become available. Be sure you are getting the best for your buck, while it may look like a great deal you may be able to do better somewhere else, check these sites for price comparison Shopping.com and PriceGrabber.com You can check these sites for the latest deals:

4.) Bouns Discounts

If you enjoy going out at the crack of dawn, then this is the deals for you. Some stores will offer early bird specials which could be gift cards for the first 500 customers to walk in the store. Stores that provided the “early bird” deal last year was H&M which gave the first 100 people in line tickets for up to $300 in-store credit. Another store Sports Authority at midnight, Sports Authority rewarded the first 80 customers to walk through its doors with cards worth up to $500. They always say “the early bird gets the worm” check out which stores are offering it this year!

5.) Deepen your Discounts

Paper coupons are back, be sure to fill your purse will Black Friday coupons. Don’t let your smartphone die because you will need coupons on there. Prepare early check the coupons and save them to your wallet. Download DealNews to stay on top of all the latest deals on the go.

6.) Be a Social Media Butterfly

Follow your favorite stores on whatever social media platform you enjoy most, turn on notifications and keep an eye out for coupons, sale previews, or even Black Friday ads can appear on their social media. Don’t search for the social media deals while standing at the register do it before you arrive, screenshots are a great way to have easy access. Be sure to look at promo codes from the website, or manufactures website you can watch right here on DealNews these can net some serious savings.

7.) Read the Fine Print

While most stores keep their return policy the same for Black Friday. There are the exceptions of the shops who do not receive some even charge restocking fees as high at 15%, primarily for electronics. Check the company website you can usually find the return policy information there or signage at the customer service desk. While asking the sales clerk is an option if they give incorrect information then the written policy will trump whatever they may have said. Just be careful when asking the clerks because they are under much stress and sometimes they may not fully know the return policies especially if they changed for Black Friday.

8.) Split Up

While shopping with friends can be fun. Use your numbers to have more extensive coverage areas. Have a game plan and have people in designated stores.

You can find more great tips, strategies, deals, and not what to buy at DealNews under the Black Friday section.

With all the great deals on Black Friday, go to a toy store and pick up a few things to take to a homeless shelter, an orphanage, or Operation Chrismas Child. It is always a good time to give back you the deals to help you save while helping someone.

Remember Black Friday is usually not a place for young children, it can be dangerous and stressful. Leave them at home and enjoy a ladies day shopping.

Finally be kind to everyone, especially the sale clerks they are dealing with thousands of people in short time. Giving up their Black Friday shopping so that you can have yours, so be respectful to them, many may be sleep deprived. Just be courteous, everyone wants to have a good time.





20th Anniversy of America Recycles Day

#AmericaRecyclesDay 11-15-17
Design By: SaJorden Miller

Today is America Recycles Day, but why? On November 15th 1997the National Recycling Coalition started this day and it is declared yearly by the Presidential Proclamation. 

This day encourages Americans to commit to recycling, this had been a program of Keep America Beautiful since 2009. To raise awareness there are thousands of events across the United States to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. As a commitment to recycling and buying products made from recycled materials, you can take a pledge.

Courtesy of America Recycles Day

There are events all the time here in Orlando that is focused on recycling. Come out meet new people and help save the world. Here are some events that are happening:

KSC’s America Recycles Day (ARD) Events– November 14-15th at Kennedy Space Center

NBC Tower Plastic Bag Collection– November 15th on Howell Branch Rd.

Electronic Waste Collection Event– November 15th at Recycle all Electronic

Any H&M– November 16th

h and m.jpg
Courtesy of @hmusa

PRIVATE EVENT FOR WINTER PARK RESIDENTS: Electronics Recycling Event– November 18th

Orange County Recycles Day 2017– November 18th at Orange County Landfill

Courtesy of @CityBeautiful 

Downtown Orlando is keeping our city beautiful with newly installed solar-powered recycling and waste units. For more information on Keep Orlando Beautiful (KOB).  If none of these interest you there is much more all year long, just keep an eye out for events in your area.

Do you need some ideas on how you can keep America clean? Check out these awesome 10 ideas from Harmony Enterprises, INC. 

  1. “Find out if carton recycling is available in your area.  If it’s not, talk to your local recycling center about recycling cartons. The Carton Council has some great resources.
  2. Stop throwing away clothing and household textiles. Find a local clothing recycler or contact Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART) to find out where to donate.
  3. Encourage your kids to recycle at school. If recycling is not widely available at your school, talk to the principal, superintendent, or PTO about it.
  4. Avoid plastic bags by bringing your own bag, or simply declining the bag when you can.  When you have excess plastic bags, dry cleaner bags, or newspaper bags, bring them to your local retailer to recycle.
  5. Take the “I Recycle” pledge, and invite your friends to do the same. Businesses can also pledge to recycle more.
  6. Talk to your kids about recycling.  Beyond the typical paper, plastic, and aluminum, how can they recycle their clothes, toys, or electronics? How can they use recycled items into art projects or gifts?
  7. Find or host a recycling event in your area and take part! There are thousands of America Recycles Day events being held around the country.
  8. Get familiar with what you CAN and CAN’T recycle.  Here is a great refrigerator list, and a few more items you probably forgot.  Recyclable items can also vary by where you live, so check with your local recycling center too.
  9. Get inspired!  Go to the America Recycles Day website to find out what other communities and companies are doing. You may also be inspired by Sweden’s 99% recycling rate or what recycling centers like Winneshiek County are doing.
  10. Buy recycled when you can! When you purchase items that are made from recycled materials, you help eliminate the need for virgin materials. Buying art made of recycled materials can be even more meaningful.

Keep Orlando beautiful, keep America beautiful, keep the world beautiful. Get out in your community find out ways you can help fight the war on waste.


Neighbors at Bear Gully Pointe Winter Park, FL

lake bear gully_edited
Courtesy Of Prime Realty Professionals of Central Florida LLC

Bear Gully Pointe is a neighborhood right on Bear Gully Lake being one of the most sought out areas in Winter Park Florida. This neighborhood is a beautiful gated lakefront residential community. Most of the homes have been built between 1991 and 2015; the houses tend to range from 4 to 6 bedroom and 3 to 6 bathroom. The current homes for sale are priced around $468,00, and the average square footage is 5,362. Bear Gully Pointe is a reasonably small neighborhood with only 66 homes.



Courtesy Of Prime Realty Professionals of Central Florida LLC
Courtesy Of Prime Realty Professionals of Central Florida LLC
Courtesy Of Prime Realty Professionals of Central Florida LLC
Courtesy Of Prime Realty Professionals of Central Florida LLC

The community features a children’s playground, community docks on Bear Gully Lake and tennis courts. Why is this one of the most sought out neighborhoods in Winter Park? It is simple; the neighbors are welcoming, it is a secure location with plenty of privacy, convenient and well maintained. Also the impressive amenities one of the communities favorites are the tennis courts and of course the private skiable lake.



Courtesy Of Fannie Hillman & Associates

Who lives in the neighborhood and what are their interests? Your neighbors seem to enjoy exercise such as running, biking, swimming and walking. Your neighbors also enjoy food, wine, family and relaxing. What better of a place to surround yourself with good company than lakefront with good food, sports and wine than Bear Gully Pointe?


It sounds like a beautiful place to live doesn’t it? Contact me today to view some of the great homes available! If you’re interested in purchasing this residential home in Winter Park, Florida, please contact Mike Rance at MikeRanceRealtorCFL@gmail.com.

To see more residential home listings in Winter Park, Florida, please visit Central Florida Homes.

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By: SaJorden Miller/ Mike Rance Realty Team


O5479814 361 Merrie Oaks Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792 5Bd/3Bth $329,900


This Winter Park Pines home, located in Merrie Oaks subdivision, just received a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and has a brand new front door to welcome its new home owners.  This home comes with five bedrooms and three bathrooms with an attached two car garage. Carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring have been installed throughout the house. One of the most important parts of a home is the kitchen area, this home features a kitchen with a built-in oven, dishwasher, range, range hood, refrigerator, wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

This spacious single-family home sits on a lot size of 8,637 square feet (which equals to 0.20 acres). The exterior construction is made of blocks with a roof made of shingles. Enjoy Florida’s tropical weather in the in-ground pool that features a salt system and a screened-in enclosure.

This home is located down the street from Cady Way Trail with easy access to downtown and major highways with the following schools nearby: Aloma Elementary School, Glenridge Middle School, and Winter Park High School.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Winter Park, Florida, please contact Mike Rance at MikeRanceRealtorCFL@gmail.com.

To see more Properties and Listings in this area, please visit Central Florida Homes.

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2901 Banchory Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792 – MLS # O5432335  $346,000


This Winter Park Pines, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is priced way below the appraiser’s value. This home has been updated with a brand new A/C unit and a new water softener. Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances have been added to the kitchen area for a contemporary appeal. This home was under contract at one point but the contract fell through and it’s back on the market.

Buyers are in for a treat as the interior of this home comes equipped with all LED lighting, an electric fireplace, ceramic and wood flooring, central A/C, and a large 13×7 air-conditioned laundry room, just a few of the many wonderful features this property offers. On the exterior, this property offers a screened-in patio/porch, an irrigation system, a tiled roof, a fenced in 11,581 square foot backyard with a gazebo, a fountain and fish pond, plus a variety of plants including fruit trees.

Cady Way Trail is just down the street for walking and biking and the Winter Pines Golf Course and Park Ave are right around the corner. Close to major highways and much more. Make memories in a place of serenity.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Winter Park, Florida, please contact Mike Rance at MikeRanceRealtorCFL@gmail.com.

To see more Properties and Listings in this area, please visit Central Florida Homes.

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7 Best Dessert Shops in Winter Park

Did you know Winter Park, Florida offers a variety of shops that offer sweet treats, ranging from candy shops that serve old fashion candies to French pastry shops? Take a look at our list of the 7 best dessert shops and prepare to end this reading with your mouthwatering.

Kilwins of Winter Park

Since 1947, Kilwins has earned the reputation of having top-quality products and service. Step into their shop and you will experience the sweet smells of espressos, fudge, ice cream and caramel being prepared. Indulge in their delicious chocolate, brittles, caramel corn and apples, all made in their local Winter Park shop. You can explore Kilwins of Winter Park by visiting them at 122 N. Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes in Winter Park

Starting as a side project in 1997, founders Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz merged kitchens to bake cakes for family and friends, growing this hobby into the cake shop they are known for today. Every melt-in your mouth cake produced by their bakery includes fresh eggs, real butter, and real cream. You can explore Nothing Bundt Cakes in Winter Park by visiting them at 415 N. Orlando Avenue, Suite 101, Winter Park, FL 32789.

Le Macaron French Pastries

If you are on the hunt for macarons, do not pass up on the preservative free, all-natural macarons found at Le Macaron French Pastries shop. Their macarons are made from ground almonds to create a crisp shell with smooth and creamy fillings that range from chocolate to homemade fruit jam. You can explore Le Macaron French Pastries by visiting them at 216 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

A photo posted by Virginia (@meetvirg) on Apr 24, 2016 at 6:28pm PDT

A photo posted by tonaleigh (@twhitexjmomma) on Jul 8, 2016 at 8:37am PDT

A photo posted by tonaleigh (@twhitexjmomma) on Jul 8, 2016 at 8:38am PDT

Buttermilk Bakery

Buttermilk Bakery is known for their desserts and croissants. This shop grew from serving sweet treats and breakfast/lunch bites at local Orlando farmers markets to opening their very own shop in Summer 2016. You can explore Buttermilk Bakery by visiting them at 1198 Orange Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

A’s Sweet Treats

A’s Sweet Treats serves snow cones, frozen yogurt, cake pops and handmade crispy peanut butter and chocolate candies. The story behind this sweet shop is that the founder named Alison, always wanted to open her own New Orleans style dessert shop and it finally happened. Take a break with the family this weekend to stop by Alison’s shop to say hello and try a free sample of select desserts. Alison’s shop is located at 513 South Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL.


Jeremiah’s Italian Ice of Winter Park

Since 1996, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has been serving up tasty Italian ice and Gelati. The Gelati is a favorite to those that frequent this Italian ice shop because of the layering of the Italian ice and creamy ice cream. The motto at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is “Live Life to the Coolest”. You can visit Jeremiah’s Italian Ice of Winter Park at 6864 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792.

Rainbow Sno-Cones

Discover New Orleans style snow cones with a Florida twist at Rainbow Sno-Cones. They are known for their freshly-made shaved ice, snow cones that are bursting with flavor. The texture of their ice is like snowballs and the flavors you can get added to the snow cones range from strawberry to cookies ‘n cream. You can visit Rainbow Sno-Cones at 3724 Howell Branch Rd, Winter Park, Florida.


Take a lunch or dinner break and stop by one of these amazing dessert shops to experience fantastic locally baked goods and unique dessert offerings, right in one of Orlando’s oldest neighboring communities.

Interested in seeing the community of Winter Park and properties available in the area? Mike Rance, a realtor at RE/MAX 200 Realty can help! Visit http://www.centralflorida-homes.net/find-real-estate/fl/winter_park/1-pg/exclusive-dorder/price-dorder/photo-tab/ to view properties in this area.

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Tea Houses aka Tea Bars in Winter Park

Coffee breaks are the number one choice for the working American, but what happened to tea time? Tea time has been a part of American history before, the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party. Although, tea is not as popular in American culture as coffee, those who love the consumption of tea over coffee, keep this part of American history alive through frequenting their local tea shops that serve light bites and an array of tea options.

A great example of a city with an established tea house presence is Winter Park, Florida. Below are two tea houses in this area:

1) Tea and Tea, known as the tea house specialist is located off of Orlando Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. When visiting this tea house you will encounter a quiet and cozy atmosphere and 100 tea options to be enjoyed hot, cold or blended.


2) Krungthep Tea Time, located off of Fairbanks Avenue is another tea house in the area that specializes in flavored tea and sandwiches created with a Thai twist. This tea shop was named, Krungthep because it is the Thai name for Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. It doesn’t get more authentic when it comes to wanting to have a Thai-themed tea experience.

Looking for a neighborhood with a quiet setting and an array of food options, then check out properties in the City of Winter Park: http://www.centralflorida-homes.net/find-real-estate/32789/price-dorder/

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