Good Things, Bad Things About Buying A New Home


The Good Of Buying A New Home

Fresh construction means that you can enjoy not having to worry about making repairs nor maintaining the home as soon as you move-in.

A new home is great for those who would like their dream home built to their desire.

Warranty and new appliances come with a new home.

New Kitchen Appliances.jpg

New homes being built now are being built in neighborhoods with community amenities, so no need to expend extra funds on a private home gym or pool.Pool

Building a new home can equal an appreciation in value.More Money For A New Home.jpg

New home buyers could be given financing perks through a builders mortgage partner.Mortgage Papers For New Home.jpg

New homes come with extensive space, unlike older homes. New homes have larger closet space, bigger kitchens, and more.

The Bad Of Buying A New Home

New homes do come at a higher price than older homes due to markups in price by builders due to certain home upgrades.

New homes lack originality in design, unlike older homes.

Locations may be further from Downtown.

Building a new home can take up to six months. Most builders are not building spec homes, you will have to wait for the house to be built.

Tips when buying a new home:

You should always have a home inspection for a new house.

You should always work with a realtor (as the buyer’s agent) when buying a new home. The realtor will be able to show you good things and bad things about different builders and help you negotiate with the builders.

Everyone will be very nice with the builders but they don’t work for you, they work with the builder. The realtor’s job is to help compare different builders.

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