Tea Houses aka Tea Bars in Winter Park

Coffee breaks are the number one choice for the working American, but what happened to tea time? Tea time has been a part of American history before, the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party. Although, tea is not as popular in American culture as coffee, those who love the consumption of tea over coffee, keep this part of American history alive through frequenting their local tea shops that serve light bites and an array of tea options.

A great example of a city with an established tea house presence is Winter Park, Florida. Below are two tea houses in this area:

1) Tea and Tea, known as the tea house specialist is located off of Orlando Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. When visiting this tea house you will encounter a quiet and cozy atmosphere and 100 tea options to be enjoyed hot, cold or blended.


2) Krungthep Tea Time, located off of Fairbanks Avenue is another tea house in the area that specializes in flavored tea and sandwiches created with a Thai twist. This tea shop was named, Krungthep because it is the Thai name for Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. It doesn’t get more authentic when it comes to wanting to have a Thai-themed tea experience.

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