How to Find Out the Value of My Orlando, Florida Home? Things That Affect The Resale Value

Finding out the value of your home depends on a variety of factors:

Does your home have a one or two car garage? More space, more value.

Home Garage door.jpg

Is there a pool on the property or not?

Home Pool.jpg

What is the value of other homes in your subdivision?

Homes In Neighborhood

What is the home’s condition? The more the buyer has to repair equals a lesser selling value.

Run Down Home.jpg

Does your home have curb appeal? Does it show attractive from a street corner?

Curb Appeal Home.jpg

Tip: If you are thinking about selling your home be sure to understand that staging your home for showings and photos is important. You want the buyer to easily be able to envision living in the home, therefore, not leaving a mess about the home matters.

Staged Home.jpg

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