5 Reasons Baldwin Park Is One of Orlando’s Best Neighborhoods

Baldwin Park is the perfect example of traditional living in the 21st century as it is known to be a very functional, sustainable and attractive neighborhood. The overall neighborhood layout has won numerous awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to the National Association of Homebuilders. Five reasons this neighborhood reigns as a prime example of traditional neighborhood living is due to well-thought-out urban design planning that promotes walkability, family-friendly public spaces, close by shopping experiences, building designs that promote neighbor to neighbor engagement and its location, location, location.

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Baldwin Park was designed to be walkable, where families can enjoy the perfect morning, afternoon and/or evening stroll. One fascinating aspect of the neighborhood is that the roads were created to where the curb extends further into the street (than the average road curb), which affects traffic flow in that oncoming traffic will have to slow down tremendously, when making right turns, preventing civilian traffic deaths.

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Open Public Spaces

Open public spaces throughout the community is evidence that family life and neighborhood communing was on the hearts of the developers. Throughout the neighborhood, you will find open spaces and grassy areas created and reserved for the perfect kid-friendly play areas without the worry of traffic flow interfering with children’s playtime. There are also scenic waterway spaces like the well-known Kevin Tyjeski Memorial Bridge area, where many families gather for photo ops and the Baldwin Park Village Center, where community events from community concerts to Independence Day bashes with street vendors and a spectacular fireworks show take place.




Types of Housing Features

Baldwin Park offers a variety of housing types from single family housing to townhouses with property values ranging from $200,000 to $2 million. If you take a look at the single family homes and the townhouses in Baldwin Park, you will see many of the single family homes with front porches and many condos with balconies facing the other neighbor’s front porch and balcony. The reason this was implemented into the layout design of Baldwin Park’s housing is to create the feel of a close-knit community setting that invites neighbors to engage with each other during the time they spend outdoors.

In need of an office space at home? The townhouses located in Baldwin Park are highly functional for the working professional as the lower portion of the unit can be used as a walk-in office space (with a parking spot located in front of the property for personal or commercial client parking convenience) and the top of the unit can be used as a living quarter.



Baldwin Park features amenities ranging from shopping and dining to leisure activities galore. For instance, grocery shopping is a whole lot easier for those living in the neighborhood, as one of the largest grocery store chains in Florida, Publix Supermarket is just steps away. Shopping local is a breeze, as the Baldwin Park Village Center offers nail salon services, pet shop retail services, attorney to dental services and much more. You can also find yummy Japanese cuisine to good finger-licking American burgers and fries from local and national food chains all located in the Village Center. The neighborhood also provides over 12 parks for small to large play activities like zip-lining to fitness facilities, where residents of the neighborhood are offered a variety of classes ranging from yoga to infant swimming lessons. Dog lovers will adore Lake Baldwin Park, a 23.16 acre grassy and shaded area with a sandy beach, designated as “dog friendly”.


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Location is highly important in choosing the right neighborhood to call home with ease of access to schools, hospitals, highways and downtown. Baldwin Park happens to be conveniently located in East Orlando area, just 20 minutes away from Downtown Orlando and 12 minutes away from Interstate-4 (I-4), a main highway that connects Orlando to Tampa and Daytona Beach. Just minutes away from the neighborhood is the Florida Hospital, known as the number one hospital in Orlando. Education is key! For residents of Baldwin Park, the nearest Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), Audubon Park Elementary, Glenridge Middle School and Winter Park High School are just under 0.8 miles away. Degree seekers living in Baldwin Park are only 23 minutes away from the University of Central Florida, one of Florida’s 12 public universities.

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