Staying Stocked for Erika: Hurricane Tips


HURRICANE or just a tropical storm? According to experts on Tropical Storm Erika, it is still too early to tell. Although Tropical Storm Erika has lessened its intensity even in the past 24 hours, it has already done some irreversible damage in the Caribbean and as of Thursday August 27th was projected to become a category 1 hurricane by Monday.

hurricaneBe smart and stay safe this weekend when Tropical Storm Erika approaches Florida’s coast and makes its way across the peninsula.

Stay prepared with these helpful tips for enduring Florida hurricanes!

Must-haves: Stock your household with plenty of the essentials.

  • Water: The American Red Cross recommends a gallon per person per day for three days.
  • Food: especially nonperishables such as canned goods.
  • Personal Hygiene Products: toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  • Flashlights or Candles: Don’t get stuck in the dark if the power goes out, and don’t forget the batteries if you choose flashlights!
  • First-Aid Kit: prescription medications, bandages, etc. Pre-made kits may be available at your local drug store.
  • Gasoline or Propane: fill your tanks!

Other good ideas:

  • Remove weak tree branches near your home and pick up items from floors to avoid damage to your home in event of high winds, debris, or flooding. (Permanent storm shutters for your windows are a great addition to any Florida home at risk for hurricanes!)
  • Double-check your generator
  • Secure any outdoor furniture or decorations, and if you own a boat, secure a place for it
  • Have a battery charger for your cellphone
  • Have a good book handy at all times!

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